The visual theatre collective Diatheater consists of me as our puppet maker and puppeteer, Femke Bun as our musician and singer and Emy Schuite as our set designer and illustrator.

We make plays for everyone who needs a sense of wonder, with the feel of a story animated live.

We are currently developing our new show Aardster / Terrastar (6+) about a girl from the stars and a boy from the earth who discover each other's worlds and learn to see their own reality from a new perspective.
Right now we are still performing our first work Dreamcatching.

Dreamcatching (2022-2023)
'In their poetic play ‘Dreamcatching’, Diatheater explore the boundaries between fantasy and reality using an overhead projector, live music and puppetry. They take you on a journey through the estranging yet recognizable world you experience at night. How do we make sense of all the scattered fragments?'

The multidisciplinary collective, consisting of me, Femke Bun and Emy Schuite, won the Young Maker Audience Award at Puppet International 2022 with this performance. Are you ready to stay awake while dreaming?

Performed at Puppet International (2022, Meppel, the Netherlands), Politiek Cultureel Centrum ACU (2023, Utrecht, the Netherlands) and at the International Puppetry Festival Golden Sparkle (2023, Kragujevac, Serbia).