About me

About me

As an animator, I am always fascinated by different ways to bring the small, magical worlds I like to build to life with tactile materials and a strong, unique intuition. In addition to animated films, I animate live, with puppetry and overhead projections. I love collaborating with other disciplines to immerse you in a sensory experience.

Both figurative and abstract, richly textured and emerging from darkness, my work makes you experience the world in a way you have never done before and bring comfort and stillness to everyone who needs it.

In 2022 I graduated with honors from the University of the Arts Utrecht with a puppetry film, Alma, about a girl that tries to catch a light. The film uses live-action puppetry, inspired by the Japanese bunraku technique. It has been shown at LiGHT-UP, Lowlands, Reel Puppetry Festival, Braziers Film Festival, SWIFT, Blikvangers Festival and at the Stranded FM x Hoogt on Tour Live Cinema Concert with live music. It was nominated as Best Experimental Film by ShortCutz Amsterdam.

I did my internship at the puppetry company Studio Figur and followed puppetry courses with Neville Tranter, Michel Villée and Claire Heggen. Last February, I went to Figurteatret i Nordland to follow a two week workshop in Dark Puppetry and Live Micro Cinema by Scottish puppeteer Gavin Glover. Right now I follow the Advanced program at the School of Puppets in The Hague.

With Femke Bun and Emy Schuite I form the live animation theater collective Diatheater. With our show Dreamcatching, we won the Young Maker Award at Puppet International 2022 and performed at the Golden Sparkle Festival in Kragujevac, Serbia. We are performing our second show Aardster / Terrastar now.

I have worked for Het Filiaal Theatermakers and Studio Figur, making films with puppetry. I  live in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

You can approach me for both film, theater and fine arts projects, in one of the following disciplines:

  • Puppet making
  • Puppetry
  • Animation
  • Illustration
  • Production/theater design
  • Directing
  • Camera
  • Editing

Artist statement

With my work I want to connect my inner world to yours. I want to get you out of your head and awaken your sense of wonder, for the vulnerable and for the quiet. I am fascinated by animation in the literal sense. From a strong, unique intuition I bring tactile materials to life to make puppetry films, animations, installations and plays. I love collaborating with other disciplines to immerse you in a sensory experience.